Houston Bowling

Houston Bowling

Bowling for Recreation

Bowling is a fun sport that anyone, any age, and any skill level can enjoy. For this reason, it’s one of the most popular sports in the USA. And luckily for you, if you live in Houston, bowling can be a cost-effective sport due to specials that some alleys offer. Normal bowling prices range from $4 to $7 per game, not including shoes. This can add up rather fast, since one game can take as little as 10 minutes. The key is to inquire about special deals each place has, which is not always posted on their website.

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A quick phone call to your local bowling alley can save you tens of dollars per bowling outing. For example, some Houston bowling alleys offer games for as low as $1.25 each on certain nights. Also, some places have unlimited bowling for a certain number of hours for a flat per person fee. This can be a good deal depending on how many people are in your party. If you get 3 hours of bowling for $15, and you can bowl 5 games per hour by yourself, then $15 is a great deal for 15 games. But bowling is a social sport, so chances are you won’t be by yourself. Plus, if you bowl 15 games straight, you might hurt yourself. Don’t overdo it.


Because of that, unlimited bowling deals will rarely beat per game deals. But some Houston bowling alleys will offer one and not the other, so your choices might be limited. Also, unlimited bowling deals usually happen on weekend nights, which is the preferred time for groups of friends to get together. Per game deals, on the other hand, are usually available only during work hours or late night on weekdays. The bowling alleys have these deals in place to get more business in low traffic hours. Overall, both can be good options. Just don’t cram 8 people in a single lane during unlimited bowling, because you’ll be paying per person, and you will not get your money’s worth.


I plan on listing the best Houston bowling alleys on this site. I’ll inform you which ones have specials going on and when. I bowl a lot and have frequented many places in or around Houston. Price and distance are generally my top motivators for choosing one Houston bowling alley over another because there isn’t enough difference between them to warrant $3-4 dollars difference per game.

Houston Bowling | Bowling Equipment

Houston bowling alleys will provide you with shoes at an additional cost, and a selection of balls for free. If you bowl at least once a month, buying your own shoes will be worth it. The ones at the bowling alleys are used by tons of others before you, and even though they are always disinfected after each game, I still find it a little gross. A decent pair of casual bowling shoes cost around $30. If a typical shoe rental costs $3, your shoes will pay for itself after only 10 visits. You won’t have to deal with slight size variations found in different Houston bowling alleys, either.


Bowling balls, on the other hand, are expensive investments. At minimum, a decent plastic ball is over $50, and requires custom hole drilling which can range from $30-45. You might get a discount on the labor if you buy the ball at the same store. A professional resin ball that allows hooking and creates better pin action can cost over $100. Before making this investment, you’ll have to decide how serious a bowler you want to be. If you only play occasionally and very casually, you don’t need a custom ball. But if you bowl even semi-frequently, getting your own ball can improve your score and increase your enjoyment. Some Houston bowling alleys have pro stores inside you can buy equipment from.

Houston Bowling | Parties and Events

Hosting a bowling party or event is a great idea, because as I said before, it’s really an activity everyone can enjoy. If you invite everyone to watch a movie or sports game, chances are that you won’t please them all, not to mention the possible fighting that can occur while picking a movie. I’ve yet to meet anyone who really dislikes bowling. It’s just such a friendly and social sport.


All Houston bowling alleys have party packages, and some even have private lanes for large events. These packages often include food, drink, games and shoe rentals. So next time you host an event, consider bowling.


That about sums it up for Houston bowling. For my next post, I’ll talk about basic bowling strategy, maybe post some helpful YouTube videos, and also take a look at the best bowling alleys in Houston.


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